Pedro Power Soler

Best-selling author, PhD, MBA, USAF retired, visionary, teacher, advisor, minister, entrepreneur, internationally awarded


Pedro Power Soler is the founder of the International Metaphysics Center, an award-winning international best-selling author. As seen on Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, Telemundo, Google News, Bing News and more. Featured on Published Magazine cover article.

Certified to participate professionally in the treatment of physical and mental ailments through the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment as a Professional Metaphysical Practitioner. Graduated from the International Metaphysics University in Sedona and Minister certified by the International Metaphysical Ministry.

Pedro’s education, his life experiences and his spiritual work inspired him to write, and in 2016, he became an author of great international success. He received the 2016 EIPPY Award for the Pebbles in the Pond anthology, of which he was a contributing author. In 2017, he again became a successful author in international sales, as he contributed to the award-winning and successful series “Are You the Missing Piece?” For this, he received the 2017 EIPPY Award and 2018 eLit Literacy Excellence Award, along with some of the best visionaries of our time. Once again, Pedro became an author of great international success in December 2018 with the launch of his book “Transformation from Within” and received the 2019 EIPPY Award.

His personal commitment is to be aware that life is a mysterious and continuous spiritual journey of transformation. Their work follows his personal spirit, and his individual sessions, group sessions and workshops aim to deepen the unique spiritual understanding of each person so that they can understand the mystery of life and go their own unique and special path.

His teaching approach is one of deep compassion, with a kind spirit and a playful sense of humanity to offer to each of his clients. Pedro believes that these traits are essential to unlock the true potential of each individual and help them achieve the self-realization of their journeys.

He currently resides in beautiful Florida with his lovely wife Ruth and his pet Maya. In his spare time, he likes to read, write, walk, meditate on the beach and ride on the water.